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The Halifax Wavecutters excel at the East Coast Short Course Championships

The Halifax WaveCutters participated in the East Coast Short Course Championships in St. John, New Brunswick. The competition had some great talent on show and the best swimming competition in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The competition ran from February 27th, 2014 until March 2nd, 2014.

The competition at this point of the season and the quality was a great representation of how prepared the athletes were to compete. The four swimmers travelling to the swimming competition are Netali Bar, Annie Wang, Devon Slongo, and Devin MacDonald. All of the swimmers had their sights set on making Age Group National qualification times for the Summer Age Group Nationals as well as finishing as high as possible and winning silverware.

The Halifax Wavecutters have just completed a very tough training and competition cycle starting in December of 2013 when they competed at the Nova Scotia Senior Open. Then the team competed at the New Brunswick Short Course Championships where they attained qualification times for Eastern Canadian Championships in the middle of February. At the Eastern Championships, the team performed well under pressure and all of this competitive experience will sure aid them in their quest for gold at the East Coast Short Course Championships.

There were a number of outstanding performances at the East Coast Championships. The four swimmers who traveled raced hard and participated in a lot of finals during the competition. Annie Wang won a silver medal in the 50 meter Backstroke with a time of 32.15. On the men side, Devon Slongo won two medals, a silver in the 200 meter Individual Medley and a bronze in the 200 meter Backstroke.

We wish the team the best of luck as they prepare for the hectic summer training and competing period.

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