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June 21, 201310 years ago

Stroke Improvement Camp

The Halifax Wavecutters will be offering a stroke improvement camp this coming July, 2013.

The information on the camp is as follows:

First Week July 9th, 11th, and 12th (3 Days)

Time slot: 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM (3 Hours)

Included in the time frame: 45 minute classroom session 45 minute dry land routine 1 hour 30 minute swim skills session in the water

Second Week

Group 1: July 15, 17, 19 (3 Days)

Group 2: July 16, 18, 20 (3 Days)

Time slot: 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM (3 Hours)

Included in the time frame: 45 minute classroom session 45 minute dry land routine 1 hour 30 minute swim skills session in the water

Fee is $80 per week. The group will be run with a minimum of 6 swimmers and a maximum group of 10. Ages applicable for this camp are 10-14 years old.

Deadline for registration or indication to participate is July 8th, 2013.

Stroke Improvement Camp Registration Form

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February 12, 201311 years ago

Wavecutters produce dominant display in Moncton

The Halifax Wavecutters Swim team produced a great display of swimming a the New Brunswick Provincial Championships at the C.E.P.S. Pool in Moncton, NB.

The team completed a strenuous three day meet program and came away with many personal best times and confidence boosting victories. All the swimmers that were competing for the Wavecutters got many racing opportunities at the swim meet and that bodes well for their racing experience leading up to the bigger swim meets coming up in a couple of weeks time. The team finished 3rd overall in the end of the meet team standings.

The team will be splitting up next week as some of the swimmers will be traveling to Montreal to compete at the Speedo Eastern Championships. The swimmers who are traveling for that swim meet at Juliana Pouliot, Devon Slongo, and Dmitry Shulga. All three of the swimmers had outstanding performances at the NB Provincials in Moncton with Devon Slongo attaining another Age Group national cut in the 400 Individual Medley. Dmitry Shulga also had a great meet swimming on his best times in season and picking up the overall awards from the swim meet. Juliana Pouliot had also had an outstanding meet with several personal best times and lots of quality racing.

The rest of the team also performed to their amazing potential, Netali Bar won three individual events and and had many personal best times. Anne Wang also had a great meet by swimming in many finals and also attained several best times. Devin MacDonald had many racing opportunities at the meet and was having all second swims with several best times.

All of the swimmers gained valuable racing experience and are excited to prepare for the big swim meets coming up. Speedo Eastern Championships at held in Montreal, February 14-16, 2013, while East Coast Championships are held in Halifax, February 28-March 2, 2013.

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December 3, 201211 years ago

Wavecutters a success at the Nova Scotia Team Championships

Halifax Wavecutters Swimming Team produces outstanding performances at the Nova Scotia Team Championships.


The competition was held over three days starting November 30th through to December 2nd at Dalplex Swimming Pool. The meet had full prelim and final sessions and all of the Wavecutters that participated had some great results in the pool. There were a number of personal best times and final swims that earned the praise from their head coach, Nickolay Shulga.


The team that participated in the tournament included Devon Slongo, Devin Macdonald, Dmitry Shulga, Juliana Pouliot, Annie Wang, and Netali Bar. All of these swimmers had personal bests in at least one event and some in all of the events that they swam which is a testament to their preparation ahead of the long season.


On the medal count, Dmitry Shulga swept the swimming competition by winning gold in all six of his events, 200 Individual Medley, 100 Free, 100 Back, 50 Free, 200 Back, and 100 Fly. In doing so he picked up the overall Top Male award for the meet. Devon Slongo was the other medallist at the meet for the Wavecutters with a bronze medal in the 400 Freestyle, which was a very big best time and a great break through swim.


All of these great swims have set up the team well for the remainder of the season. The team is excited and ready to perform with confidence in future championship meets.

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November 28, 201211 years ago

Halifax Wavecutter Swimmer Excels at Canada Cup

Dmitry Shulga (pictured), of the Halifax Wavecutters, participated in the Canada Cup Swim Meet on November 23-24, 2012 in Toronto, ON.

Dmitry made all second swim finals, with three B finals in 100 Backstroke, 100 IM, and 50 Backstroke, as well as an A final in the 200 backstroke. The meet served as a great warm-up for the local Team Championships held at the Dalplex starting November 30th. Canada Cup is one of the biggest competitions in Canada where people from all over Canada come to compete. There were 13 Olympians present at this Canada Cup competition and they included the local Halifax Olympian, David Sharpe. This competition is a great opportunity for Nova Scotian swimmers to rest the best in Canada and see how they stack up leading into more serious Competition in the coming months.

Dmitry will be competing at the Nova Scotian Team Championships at Dalplex Swimming Pool November 30th to December 2nd, 2012.

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October 14, 201211 years ago

Wavecutter Swimmers excel at Relay Meet

The Halifax Wavecutters Swim team participated in the Dalhousie Relay Meet on October 13th, 2012 held at the Dalplex Pool. The team showed a lot of promise through their swim times and it sets them up for a great season ahead.

The Dal Relay meet is an annual event where swimmers from many local teams can compete and have fun while doing so. The whole meet is sanctioned as a relay meet meaning that swim teams must enter a minimum of 4 swimmers per relay, and some relays this year had 3 swimmers in them. The relays ranged from official distance relays to more original onces such as the 3 by 50m Butterfly which is not within official guidelines.

The Wavecutters had 6 total swimmers participating, they were involved in all the relays that required 3 people to enter, so they were unofficial relays. The two age groups that participated were the "13 and under girls" which included Neta Bar, Jouliana Poulliot, and Annie Wang, while the "14 and over boys" age group included Dmitry Shulga, Devon McDonald, and Devon Slongo. All of the swimmers swam well and close to their best times, which in season is a promising sign for the future endeavors.

We wish the team further luck and success in the future competitions.