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Centennial Pool

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Centennial Pool is located in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia and was built in 1967 for the summer Canada Games of that year. This kind of facility is very rare in the region. The pool itself is one of only two 50 meter pools in the Halifax Regional Municipality and becomes more scarce as the region is expanded. The facility houses a 6 lane pool with an addition 10 meter diving board, the latter of which makes it the only 10 meter diving pool in all of Nova Scotia (Centennial Pool, 2012). However, being a scarce recreational facility and a very old one at that, poses incredible challenges to the management team to sustain satisfactory standards for the day to day patrons. But what sets Centennial Pool apart from the other 50 meter pool complex in the city of Halifax (Dalhousie University), is the fact that Centennial Pool is a facility that is exclusively a pool and nothing else.

This exclusivity to one area of recreation is what needs to be handled by the management in order to bring out the best out of the facility since the spectrum of activities is so limited. The pool does boast a small gym area in one of the upper floors of its building but that is more of an extra and not exactly a planned expansive project. The pool's variety of diving boards make it a prime location not only from swimming competition but also competitive diving competitions.

Halifax Wavecutters Aquatics Club primarily train at the Centennial Pool of Halifax. All of their equipment and swimming lane bookings are tied to the pool. Recreational facilities are one of the most crucial facilities when it comes to community development. It is well known that for a community to evolve and better itself, there needs to be a variety of appropriate and functional recreational facilities to stimulate the lives of the people that live within a given community. The functionality of these facilities determines the amount and quality of activities that can be performed at the facility. For instance, depending on funding, a facility can function and expand in the future in order to offer a more diverse set of activities for the going public. Funding is one of the most important aspects of running a recreational facility, whether it stems from donations, membership fees, or partnership and help from sponsors. All of these aspects should begin from the upper management and move down to all levels that the facility operates under.

*The club does use other aquatic facilities on certain dates for both the swimming and water polo programs. These dates will be indicated on the schedules of two programs. If you have any questions regarding those schedules or location, please refer to our contact page.

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